How It Works

What makes CelVie’s Rejuvenating Skin products so unique? CelVie products are the only products in the world powered by the reproductive cell of the date palm tree. Found deep in the desert, this very rare, powerful and unique cell is harvested and combined with only the finest natural ingredients, resulting in an exclusive rejuvenating skin regimen created to help renew the skin and help reduce the visible signs of photo-aging.  These incredible products are scientifically proven to reduce the visible signs of skin aging, based on their ability to nourish, protect and repair in one step.

The Reproductive Cell of the Date Palm – The Science Behind CelVie

As skin ages, it begins to show the effects of many environmental factors which can damage the skin.  Combined over the years, these factors can cause fine lines or wrinkles, spots due to normal aging, or exposure to the sun (photoaging) and overall visible skin damage.

Admittedly, there are hundreds of products on the market which all claim to reduce the signs of aging and wrinkles – but can all those chemicals really help your skin? How do you choose a product that is right for you?

Thankfully, there’s CelVie DateNite, the ultimate evolution in natural skin care. In a clinical study using Visia®Complexion Analysis, participants showed the following measurable skin improvements within four weeks:

  • Significant decrease in the appearance of spots
  • Significant decrease in surface roughness
  • Improvement in texture of the skin
  • Remarkable decrease in the number and size of pores

Harnessing the power of the Date Palm



The powerful secret ingredient behind CelVie DateNite lies deep in the desert where date palm pollen has          been harvested from the male tree. These tiny, viable microscopic particles are uniform in size, shape and  surfacestructure. These characteristics offer a unique micro-capsule, containing natural bioactive agents  including  powerful anti-oxidants, plant hormones and anti-inflammatory agents.  These components work in  harmony to  improve the skin’s micro- circulation, and repair cell damage.

Date palm pollen applications and uses in traditional and herbal medicine have been recorded throughout history; the early Egyptians used date palm pollen in food as a rejuvenating medicinal agent.  Oral suspensions of  date palm pollen as an herbal mixture are widely used as a folk remedy for the treatment of infertility, and also as an aphrodisiac in traditional medicine.