Harnessing The Power Of The Date Palm

The powerful secret ingredient behind CelVieTMDateNite lies deep in the desert where the reproductive cells of the date palm tree (RCDP) have been harvested from the male tree. These tiny, viable microscopic particlesare uniform in size, shape and surface structure.  These characteristics offera unique micro-capsule, containing natural bioactive agents including powerful anti-oxidants, plant hormones and anti-inflammatory agents.  These components work in harmony to improve the skin’s micro-circulation, and repaircell damage.

RCDP applications and uses in traditional and herbal medicine have been recorded throughout history; the early Egyptians used RCDP in food as a rejuvenating medicinal agent.  Oral suspensions of RCDP as an herbal mixture are widely used as a folk remedy for the treatment of infertility, and also as an aphrodisiac in traditional medicine.  Given its extensive history of use in herbal medicine, it’s topical application is safe.