About Us

ClinAvenir LLC is a Los Altos, California based company with a firm commitment towards science and innovation in the area of natural skin care.  The company is focusing on the development and commercialization of novel photo-protective and anti-photoaging products in the CelVieTM line , as well as products for other dermatological disorders. All of these products are based on the use of date palm pollen, the reproductive cell of the date palm.

ClinAvenir LLC has been actively conducting scientific research on the physicochemical and biological effects of the reproductive cell of date palm in skin care, including processing the material to preserve its vitality.  Based on solid scientific knowledge and clinical trials, ClinAvenir LLC has developed a line of innovative proprietary anti-aging formulations.  These advanced formulations are designed to produce safe and highly effective products that treat and nurture the skin, leaving a healthy, radiant and youthful appearance.  There are no discrete or secret ingredients in these formulations.

ClinAvenir LLC has completed the filing of two US patent applications solidifying the innovative technology platform.  Proprietary advanced formulations are exclusive to our products and have been tested. Our products are free of nano-particles, minerals and preservatives.

Positioned at the core of these products is the unique use of date palm pollen.These cells are engineered in nature to transport and deliver the most precious molecules of life (genetic material).  In this aspect, ClinAvenir, LLC is pioneering the topical use of date palm pollen to deliver protection, health, beauty and life to the skin using advanced topical all-natural cosmeceutical formulations.  These formulations are scientifically proven to reduce the visible signs of skin aging, based on their ability to nourish, protect and repair in one step.  They also decrease the appearance of redness that are often associated with Rosacea.